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A Walk Round The Course

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Men’s Par 5, 441 metres. Ladies Par 5, 380 metres.


Slight bend left. A good drive to the right side will open the fairway for your second shot

over the gully and lay up below the green. A wedge should get you on the green, but don’t be long, it’s a bit ugly back there. Any shot that strays right will be in heavy bush, generally you will be able to hit it out but don’t expect great results, just get it back on the grass.


Could do with a slight fade off the tee if you can. (Draw for you left hander’s). Be careful to the right, heavy timber and out of bounds. Large trees and hard ground too the left. Steep bank in the front of the green, being short will be a tricky chip. Midway along the fairway, and over to the left on the edge of the bush, you will see the Grass Tree that features as our club Logo. These trees and the bushland behind them are protected.

Men’s Par 3, 198 metres. Ladies Par 3, 164 metres.


Easy as, down hill all the way and straight. Try to keep left of centre (don’t hit the big

gum) and it should run back right for an easy chip and run. Being right side of the green

makes for a challenging chip up.

Bit more of a challenge this one. A safe drive here is over the dam and up the hill on the right side. Slice or draw and you will have an interesting second shot. If you have managed to keep it on the fairway, well done, your second will be pretty easy from here. The surround has a ridge around the right side of the Green, so best to approach from the left.

Men’s Par 3, 148 metres. Ladies Par 3, 133 metres.


What a hole, the small Green is 10 metres below the tee. Watch your ball fly and hope it is not short. Long and left is safe. Short, or right, will need some chipping excellence to give you a chance at your par.

Men’s Par 4, 360 metres. Ladies Par 4, 304 metres.


NOTE. There is a fresh water drinking fountain at the bottom of the hill on the left as you walk from the Tee. There is a toilet block just to the left of the Green.

Men’s Par 4, 368 metres. Ladies Par 4, 312 metres.


The Men have a bit of a challenge from this Tee. A big turn left, so a draw off the Tee

would be productive. Not too early though or you will catch the big trees on the left, and

that won’t be good. If you hit it correctly you will end up in a perfect position, thanks to

the down hill run, for a pitch into the large green.


The Ladies have an easier run to the green with a straight fairway from the separate

Ladies Tee.

A long walk up hill all the way. Even if you are a little left or right off the Tee, you should be able to get it back on the grass without losing too much distance. Approach the Green from the left if you can. There is a large mound front right and a steep bank on the right side behind that. The bounce off the mound could send you anywhere. This is a big Green with a challenging contour.

Men’s Par 5, 470 metres. Ladies Par 5, 387 metres.


A slight bend to the right to get to the green. Try and cut the corner and risk catching

the tall gums on the right. Safer on the left, but not too far, hard ground over there can

have your ball run into some difficult places. The green is small and slopes back

towards the fairway. Have a go at landing on it, it will feel pretty satisfying, but don’t be

long, as it drops off 3 metres at the back.


NOTE. There is a fresh water drinking fountain on the front left of the tenth Tee.

Men’s Par 4, 344 metres. Ladies Par 4, 297 metres.



Men’s Par 5, 477 metres. Ladies Par 5, 415 metres.

This is the longest hole on the course, the Green seems a million miles away, but three

straight hits and you’re there. A little trouble left and right along the way, but nothing too serious, unless you go too far right, then it’s ugly. This green also slopes back towards the fairway it also has steep banks left, rear and right, so approach safely from the front.


A simple easy swing will see it run up in front of, or even onto, the large green. The

wider surrounds are a bit rough but generally a chip or bump and run will get you back

to where your par is safe, but a bogey is very possible on this hole.

Men’s Par 3, 183 metres. Ladies Par 3, 170 metres.


Men’s Par 4, 382 metres. Ladies Par 4, 304 metres

Best to try and keep your drive left of centre. If you go right there is some heavy rough

and a drain that could catch you out. Left will give you some run, but watch the drain

this side as well. There is a small rise to the green from the front, and the grass is a bit

thicker. If your approach is a bit short it will most likely die on you before it makes the

putting surface.


NOTE. There is toilet block between the thirteenth Green and fourteenth Tee. There is also a fresh water tap there as well.


Men’s Par 4, 340 metres. Ladies Par 4, 315 metres.

Hmmmm…..There’s plenty of room down there, isn’t there? But be careful. There are

big trees on the right but the rough underneath is pretty clear. There is a marked hazard

in there as well. For the big hitters watch the drain on both sides. A smaller Green with a

big drop off at the back, best to approach from the right if possible to avoid the large

tree on the left that will stop you hitting a high shot in.

If you can curve your drive to the left a little you will be in great shape for your second.

Some low leafy gums on the left will really slow your ball if you go in there. From either side of the fairway your approach will be challenged by high spreading boughs from the big trees. If you’re in the middle, no problem, pitch it up there and see if you can hit the Green. It slopes to the front with a substantial step in the middle.


NOTE. There is a fresh water drinking fountain to the right of the Green as you walk across to the sixteenth Tee.


Men’s Par 4, 312 metres. Ladies Par 4, 297 metres.

Men’s Par 4, 360 metres. Ladies Par 4, 31 metres.


Big bend left, what to do? Down the centre or right is the place to go, but watch the big

tree overhanging that side. If you go left you need to hit long to be able to get past the

corner and have a chance to get to the Green with your second. A very big Green is

surrounded with 1 metre plus, hills and valleys left, back, and right.

Men’s Par 3, 135 metres. Ladies Par 3, 101 metres.

This is the shortest hole on the course, but still tricky. A mid or short iron up the hill too a green that is surrounded by a substantial bank with an opening at the front for those that are short and choose to run one in. Watch the high overhanging tree on the left.


Men’s Par 5, 435 metres. Ladies Par 5, 332 metres.


You can’t see the green that is down over the hill and to the right. Your drive will need to

be down the right side a little and after running left down the hill it will be in the best

position for your second shot. If your Tee shot goes left of centre you may end up with a

bit of work to get your second away. There is a small dam left and forward of the Green.

This can attract the end of your second shot, as does the very big gum tree on the right.

The green is just behind a short, considerable, rise in the fairway, your third shot in

needs to get over this or it will make you work for your par.


18 Holes

9 Holes





Rules & Regulations

Local Rules

All players need to read the local rules board on the wall of the clubhouse before beginning play

Embedded Stones

Through the green, solidly embedded stones may be treated as GUR (Rule 25-1)

Rule 25-1a - Interference

Interference by G.U.R. occurs when a ball lies in or touches G.U.R, or when G.U.R. on the course interferes with the player's stance or the area of their intended swing. If interference exists, the player may either play the ball as it lies or take relief as provided in Clause b

Rule 25-1b - Relief

If the player elects to take relief, they shall proceed as follows; 

Through the green - if the ball lies through the green, the point on the course nearest to where the ball lies shall be determined which

     a) Is not nearer the hole.

     b) Avoids interference by the condition, and

     c) Is not in a hazard or on a putting green. 

The player shall mark and lift the ball and drop it without penalty within one club length of the point thus determined on a part of the course, which fulfills a), b) & c)


A player may not obtain relief under Rules 25-1b if

     a)It is clearly unreasonable for them to play a stroke because of interference by anything other than a condition covered in Rule 25-1a (eg a tree over 2 club lengths in height) or 

     b) Interference by such a condition would occur only through use of an unnecessarily abnormal stance, swing or direction of play. 

Club Championships

Men's - Played over 72 holes

The best 72 holes gross score in each division will be the Champion for that division. 

Financial Members of the club may compete. 

Both a Junior and Veteran's Championship will be held in conjunction with the Club Championship

Women's - Played over 54 holes

The best 54 holes gross score in each division will be the Champion for that division

Other Events

Details of the Eclectic Competition and any new events will be announced during the year


On normal Competition Days, visiting players will be eligible for Grade Trophies only. 

All playerrs should be aware of their responsibilities in relation to handicaps and acceptance of trophies

Practice On The Golf Course

Maximum of two balls can be played. 

No practice pitching or chipping allowed on any hole of the gold course. 

Please use the practice greens and surrounds for chipping practice

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Golf Course
Front Nine
Back Nine
Rules & Regs
Men’s Par 4, 365 metres. Ladies Par 4, 350 metres.


Another slight bend left. You need to be on the right side again to avoid a difficult second shot around the big pine tree. Approach the green centre or left, right may see you run on the harder ground down into trouble. Don’t be long. There is a big drop off at the back, four metres below the green.

Men’s Par 4, 355 metres. Ladies Par 4, 307 metres.

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Men’s Par 4, 337 metres. Ladies Par 4, 319 metres.


A narrow lane off the Tee, tall tree’s left and right, and up hill too. Go on, smash it up the  
middle, you can do it. Watch the distance for your second. Anything longer than the
middle of the Green may see you run onto some ugly lies for your chip, or bump and run back.
A bit tougher for the Ladies as your Tee is lower than the Men’s, and you need to hit up the hill to start.  

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